Flaring systems
  Flaring Systems
Flare Gas Recovery
Vapor Control
Thermal Oxidation.

Hydrocarbon Processing: Refining, and Ethylene (for Improving Production & Optimizing Plant Operations).
Chemical & Petrochemical: Reforming, and Pharmaceutical (for Optimizing Combustion Performance).
Oil & Gas Exploration & Production: Onshore & Offshore (for Clean Flaring & Improving Efficiencies of Operations).
Gas Distribution / Pipelines (for Lowering Emissions).
Marketing Terminals / Storage (for Vapor Control).
Landfill & Wastewater (for Advanced Pollution Control Flare Systems).
Power Generation (for Optimizing Combustion Solutions).
Ethanol Industry (Thermal Oxidizers, Vapor Combustion, & Vapor Recovery: for Clean Combustion & Lowering Cost).
Metal & General Industries (for Improving efficiencies & Economies).
Marine Industry (for Improving Efficiencies & Economies).

 Quality Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Star VPP.




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